Paying for your Treatment

There are two ways in which you may want to pay for your treatment either through medical insurance, or personally.

If you opt to claim through insurance, then it is important that you seek their approval before attending any consultations. Below we provide you with some guidance to help you decide how you would like to pay for your treatment.

Paying for Treatment Through Insurance

If you decide to claim for payment through your insurance company, then it is important that you inform your medical insurer of any appointments you have made at the Knee Clinic. All appointments, scans, physiotherapy or surgery will need to be approved by your medical insurer before you visit or commence treatment, not having agreement before appointments take place, could result in your insurer not agreeing to pay the consultation fee.

If you have any queries or problems, you can contact the clinic for help.

Paying for Treatment Personally

If you do not have medical insurance and have not been referred to Mr Geutjens by your GP as a NHS patient, but would still like to make an appointment for a consultation, then you will be asked to pay for your treatment according to our Outpatient Consultation Fee scale.

Details can be obtained by contacting Samantha Hawksworth – Please refer to Making a Booking.

Contact us

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