Nuffield Health Derby - Private Hospital

Nuffield Health Derby Hospital is a private hospital offering a high standard of quality healthcare. Private patients can benefit from Mr Geutjens’ extensive knowledge and experience in this comfortable and well-equipped hospital.

Nuffield Health Derby Hospital is well-equipped with the latest surgical technology and facilities. Mr Geutjens’ private patients can enjoy single rooms with ensuite bathrooms for their recovery. Each room also has a TV and radio, telephone and wireless internet. The ethos of this private hospital is based around creating a caring environment that promotes a speedy return to health.

What to Expect at Nuffield Health Derby Hospital 

Nuffield health hospitals are private facilities and are able to provide their patients with a range of benefits, including excellence in care, professionalism and expertise. You can expect:

  • the highest standards of cleanliness and safety
  • staff that have time for you
  • services that always put the patient first
  • high levels of patient satisfaction
  • a private room
  • reassurance, support and expertise from a range of experts
  • amongst the lowest infection rates in the UK

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