Orthopaedic Knee & Ankle Surgery

Mr Geutjens has more than 15 years of experience in orthopaedic surgery and is based in Derby. Mr Geutjens is a highly skilled Ankle and Knee Surgeon, he is a leading voice in orthopaedics with a number of professional athletes as his patients. 

Mr Geutjens is renowned for his work in sports injury and the repair of rare and difficult muscle injuries and has written a number of papers on the subject. Mr Geutjens’ research has been published in leading sports medicine and knee surgery journals, including the Journal of Bone and Joint Surgery and the American Journal of Sports Medicine. Most of his research is in ACL reconstruction, knee replacement, arthroscopy of the knee and soft tissue repair of rare and difficult injuries. He performs knee surgery both privately and on the NHS and is a consultant orthopaedic surgeon at Derby Royal Hospital.

Mr Geutjens lectures both nationally and internationally. He speaks English, Dutch, French, Italian and German and is a member of BASK, BOA and RCS.

Knee Surgeon to Professional Athletes based in Derby

Mr Geutjens’ experience as a Specialist Knee and Sports Injury Surgeon means he is trusted by a large number of professional athletes and sportspeople. These include several world champions, commonwealth medalists, international footballers and Olympic athletes. He is currently the Consulting Surgeon to:

  • Derby County Football Club
  • Derby Rugby Club
  • Burton Albion Football Club
  • Derby Trailblazers Basketball Club

Orthopaedic Surgery – Special Interest

Mr Geutjens’ research has been published in leading medical journals. His research mainly covers arthroscopy of the knee, soft tissue repair of difficult muscle injuries and ACL reconstruction and knee replacement. He teaches surgeons in the UK and lectures internationally. Mr Geutjens takes an active interest in various specialised areas of orthopaedic surgery such as cartilage resurfacing procedures, meniscal cartilage repair and arthritis in younger patients. He is a leading surgeon for PCL reconstruction, taking referrals from hospitals all over the midlands.  His extensive surgical experience includes:

  • over 7000 arthroscopy procedures
  • over 3000 cruciate ligament reconstructions
  • extensive experience in knee replacements
  • extensive experience in osteotomy around the knee
  • a special interest and extensive experience in PCL ligament surgery and reconstructions

Sports Injuries – Knee Surgery

The majority of Mr Geutjens’ patients have sports-related injuries that require knee surgery. Mr Geutjens performs a wide range of procedures, including: 

  • knee arthroscopies
  • anterior or posterior cruciate ligament reconstruction
  • partial or total knee replacements
  • cartilage repair and resurfacing procedures
  • patellar stabilisation procedures

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