Knee Surgery & Procedures

Living with a problem knee can be very debilitating. For over 15 years Mr Guido Geutjens has been delivering expert knee procedures advice and performing life changing knee replacement operations. 

As well as performing common knee replacement surgery, Mr Geutjens also specialises in rare and difficult muscle injuries and so is highly skilled in carrying out all knee surgery and procedures. Before any decision is taken as to the kind of knee procedure that may be required, Mr Geutjens will carry out a thorough investigation of the presenting problem.

Once a diagnosis has been made, Mr Geutjens will then need to decide the best way to treat the knee problem.  Not all knee injuries require a surgical procedure, and where possible, this will always be the last resort.  But, it is important that you are correctly diagnosed in the first instance, so that treatment can be carried out to resolve the problem and stop symptoms of painful knees without further damaging this very complex of joints.

The following knee procedures are undertaken to treat the most common conditions of the knee: